I believe we can learn a lot from sharing our lived experiences with each other. Throughout human history, storytelling has been the thread that binds what is good about humanity together. But, when I look at contemporary life and culture, I can’t help but think that we’ve lost our way; we’ve dropped the threads of our story. We need to find methods for encouraging understanding and empathy across borders, cultures, environments and genders to reestablish the emotional connection that makes us who we are. Because if what is happening now is a true reflection of our species, then what kind of future are we facing? We need to dream, write, speak and live a better story.


This magazine is filled from front to back with writing that is from the heart. Reading it is a gift to the writers who worked so hard to make it a reality. 

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"The magazine looks great! I love the visuals." -- Terry Engel

"Extraordinary and highly recommended." -- Amela Hajdarevic

"Your magazine seems to be getting better and better with the number of stories and advertising. I enjoy reading everything." -- James Cussen

"I just got the mag. That is impressive. You are giving so many people a chance to show their shit. Thank you!" -- Frank Diamond

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Print Edition of the Dreamers Magazine Issue 4, filled from front to back with writing that is from the heart.

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I guarantee you'll be moved by what you read.

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